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USP Implementation Goes Into Effect December 1


In just over six months, USP <800> regulations will go into effect. USP <800> deals with the proper handling of hazardous and non-hazardous drugs, designed to prevent harm to both your staff and patients. The regulations, which have been delayed for implementation, become official on Dec. 1, 2019. That date is not expected to change.

What does that mean for an oncology practice?

Most community oncology practices administer chemotherapy drugs and will have to institute new clinical workflow processes to ensure they meet the requirements. The guidance has allowed the states (state boards of pharmacy, state boards of medicine) to control exactly how they can monitor and enforce the different requirements, for example, the requirements for external venting.

With USP <800> being a new guidance, no one yet understands how the states will regulate monitoring. Some state agencies could begin immediately on December 1, asking for the practice’s implementation plan and reviewing their processes.

How can ION Solutions help?

The Business Optimization team has the knowledge and resources to assist a practice with the USP <800> requirements. With new regulations and the many unknowns at this time, practices need to be confident that they have a partner who has extensive knowledge of the guidance and a reach across the country, understanding the nuances developed by each state.

To reach the team, email

You may read a previous blog on some key areas your practice should focus on for USP <800> here.  

NOTE: The Business Optimization team will be at the National Healthcare Practitioners Meeting in Charlotte, N.C., on May 17-18.