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IntegratedRx™ - Oncology

Evolving to an integrated oncology care model

In today’s specialty pharmacy landscape, health care providers and patients face challenges in gaining appropriate access to life-changing medications. A patient’s pharmacy experience can have a significant impact on optimal medication management, which can influence therapeutic outcomes. 
As a pioneer in Medically Integrated Dispensing (MID), our commitment is to serve patients by designing and delivering payer access and efficiency solutions for our specialty physician dispensing practices. We have partnered with Prime Therapeutics to build and develop the IntegratedRx - Oncology program. This is a first-of-its-kind clinically-integrated network that allows patients to receive their oral oncology and companion medications in the clinical setting directly from their oncologist and enable them to manage their patients in a clinically coordinated and holistic way. 

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Press Release

AmerisourceBergen to Now Offer Prime Therapeutics’ IntegratedRx – Oncology to Eligible Hospital, Health System & Oncology Practice Customers

Addressing specialty medication access

IntegratedRx - Oncology will allow ION members to fill specialty scripts directly in their practices, improving patient access to drugs and supportive care products that previously were sent to a specialty pharmacy. Over the next decade, oral therapies likely will be a much larger component of potential treatment plans for patients with cancer – and physicians need to have the ability to dispense these products. 

Shortening the time to therapy

An integrated oncology care model will remove barriers that can complicate the treatment pathway. IntegratedRx - Oncology increases oncologists’ access to specialty drugs and supportive care products that would otherwise be acquired via specialty pharmacy. When patients can receive their medication directly from their oncologist, it can result in faster therapy start times.

This increased efficiency also reduces the administrative burden associated with PBM-affiliated specialty pharmacies that can be placed on already-busy providers. 

Adding value through improved contracts and a national MID practice network

For ION practices, IntegratedRx - Oncology will offer competitive discounts on medications and chart the path to oncology value-based contracting. Existing Elevate PSAO contracts will offer enhanced oncology programs and let practices resolve claims more easily. This value-based care model will enable physician practices to remain competitive and relevant with payers.

Together with Prime, we created a national network of MID practices and helped our practices gain access to this new program. It also leverages the power of the EMR to show holistic health histories, giving providers better access to records that can inform and update care plans. Through continued provider engagement, patient care, and data usage, there is a reliable pathway to create healthier futures.

Improving medication adherence and decreasing costs

Improving the patient experience starts with simplifying the process and removing barriers to securing quality care. You can communicate changes in dosage or therapeutic regimen through an integrated EMR. This allows MID practices to see the medical record the prescriber used to document visits and record the labs in real-time.  

This integrated approach to care empowers patients and providers to work directly together to ensure the patient is on the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time.  Under IntegratedRx - Oncology, specialty providers can have oversight into their patient’s complete pharmaceutical journey. Insights that go beyond that first medication fill mean providers can better monitor and influence their patients’ medication adherence trends and avoid medication waste.

“AmerisourceBergen has been an unwavering supporter of patient choice and flexibility and making cancer treatment accessible at the community level. By participating in this program, our customers have the opportunity to showcase the value of a truly integrated oncology delivery model. This new model will create expanded commercial access to oral oncolytics, enhanced clinical oversight of cancer patients, and will lead to increased administrative efficiencies for providers. We are excited to see how this program shapes the next chapter of cancer care in the U.S.” 

Lisa Harrison, RPh, President of Specialty Distribution at AmerisourceBergen

Are you interested in joining this medically integrated network?

IntegratedRx - Oncology is available for ION members through the Elevate Provider Network. Members will have access to solutions and insights that aim to deliver beneficial payer contracts.