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Membership Magazine

ION's Membership Magazine focuses on the issues oncologists care about. From the latest medical developments to the importance of advocacy to operations guidance, it covers all the most relevant topics. Browse issues here.

Winter 2020

Community Oncology's Innovation and Progression During the Pandemic

We cover legislative policy impacting community care, creative solutions in uncertain times, and clinical updates on new therapies.

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summer 2020

How Community Practices, and Patients, Are Navigating COVID

We discuss navigating COVID-19 as well as biosimilar updates, an intro to Inrebic, and a discussion with Pfizer Oncology.
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spring 2020

Medically Integrated Dispensing

This issue covers the benefits of a medically integrated dispensing program and ways we can help implement this service in your practice.
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winter 2019

The Role of Dispensing in Community Oncology

We feature a case study on the role of integrated dispensing in community oncology clinics.
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Summer 2019

Precision Medicine

We address how to overcome barriers so your practice can, ultimately, connect patients with the most effective personalized treatments.
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Spring 2019

Advocacy Works

We discuss the importance of advocacy because when oncology practices speak as one, policy can change.
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Winter 2018

Increase Patient Access to Clinical Research Opportunities

Learn more about an innovative program that seeks to remove the obstacles practices face qualifying for and enrolling in clinical research.
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Fall 2018

Understanding Precision Medicine in Cancer

We explore precision medicine in cancer care. ION Solutions recently launched its new physician-developed Precision Medicine Testing Recommendations.
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Summer 2018

Have More Time to Focus on Patient Care

Learn how your practice can dispense necessary medications to your patients, without the administrative burden.
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Spring 2018

Effect of Burnout on Oncology Practices

Learn how to deal with burnout, an epidemic among physicians, nurses, physician assistants and office staff in medical practices across the country.
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Winter 2017

What Practices Need to Know in 2018

We review how practices can continue their focus on day-to-day operations while looking forward to the future of value-based care.
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Fall 2017

Connecting Patients to Cutting-Edge Care

Learn how manufacturers are taking a patient-focused approach to trial design to create healthier future for patients.

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Summer 2017

Advances in Hematology – Part 2

This is written from one busy clinician to another, practicing hematology and oncology in the community setting. Part II focuses on plasma cell dyscrasias, myeloproliferative neoplasms and myelodysplasia.
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Spring 2017

Advances in Hematology – Part 1

This is written from one busy clinician to another, practicing hematology and oncology in the community setting. Part I includes data in lymphomas and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
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