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Partner Solutions and Services

Services to help you provide more comprehensive patient care

When you become an ION Solutions GPO member, you gain access to new depths of service to power your practice. ION Solutions works with a diverse offering of service partners to help uncover operational efficiencies, financial opportunities and clinical augmentations. With this roster of innovative partner companies in your corner, you'll get the level of support your practice needs to advance the quality of patient care. 



Timely, high-quality lab testing to help enhance patient care

A patient's treatment journey begins in the laboratory. Therefore, any efficiencies and optimizations that can be identified at this stage can have a significant impact on the big picture. Integrated Oncology is a single-source laboratory solution that enhances patient care through high-quality, timely lab testing. It offers predictive molecular analysis, contract and agreement support, and patient service phlebotomy centers. When you combine those services with unparalleled expertise in complex tumor analysis and difficult-to-diagnose neoplasms, the result is improved testing and clearer results for your patients and practice alike. 
A hand lifting test tube vials in a lab



Enhance patient treatment with nutritional supplements

With more and more cancer patients taking nutritional supplements to support treatment, oncology practices need to have a clear line of sight into the quality and outcome of these products. Our partnership with Thorne Research Cancer Supportive Care means your patients get access to a line of nutraceutical products to help address issues affecting their quality of life, minimize their side effects and support the overall completion of their treatment. Your practice can rest easy knowing that the products you're offering are science-based and proven to be safe and effective.
Close-up of vitamins in a hand




Malpractice Insurance

Protecting your practice

Malpractice insurance can be difficult to navigate. Our Oncology Malpractice Insurance Program (OMIP) partner makes it so oncology and hematology physicians no longer have to subsidize the insurance rates from other physician specialities. This allows ION Solutions members to enjoy an insurance program focused on their specialty with a range of exclusive benefits.
Gavel, stethoscope, medical symbol statue and leather-bound books


Patient and staff communications

Strengthen connections between patients and providers

Any measures you can take to encourage patient understanding and support communications between patients will enrich the care experience. Our partnership with the PatientPoint engagement platform empowers your practice with communication touch points all along the patient journey—from the waiting room to the exam room, throughout the entire treatment process. This includes offering educational and inspirational information,  as well as branded, personalized messages to both your physicians and patients. Using this integrated solution you can convey critical information on digital screens throughout your practice.
Doctor talking to a patient in an exam room


Revenue Cycle Management

Managing your practice's financial success

When it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM), missed charge and drug audit, and consulting solution needs, your practice deserves a solution it can depend on to catch mistakes and identify opportunities. SCIO Management Solutions integrates with any EMR and Practice Management system to help augment the financial side of your business, and harness insights to save your practice precious resources—and positively impact revenue across the board.
Calculator beside a pen and financial analysis paper

It takes the right partner to enhance patient care.

It's about more than just drug pricing. It's about a suite of specialty solutions covering all aspects of your practice to enhance treatment and patient care, optimize operational efficiency and improve financial performance. ION Solutions and our partners offer the right set of solutions and services to support your practice and patients.
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