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Resources involved to make most accurate clinical decision in cancer care


With oncologists having to look at genomic data for their patients’ diagnoses, the move toward precision medicine has become more complex. Treatment plans, especially those with chemotherapy and infusion protocols, are more personalized to hopefully lead to better outcomes and survival rates.

As a treatment plan is developed, providers have to look at a number of patient determinants – height, weight, allergies, drug interactions, dose calculations, length of time on current treatment, etc., in addition to the results from molecular testing.

How does a provider have time to understand and review all those patient determinants and conditions to make the most accurate clinical decisions for their patient and create the most effective plan for time to treatment?

IntelliDoseTxM™ interfaces with a practice’s electronic health record (EHR) allowing key clinical data, like those current patient determinants, to flow from the EHR to IntelliDoseTxM and transfers encounter and treatment information back into the practice system. (NOTE: IntelliDoseTxM is a chemotherapy management solution that automates practice workflow by integrating with a practice EHR.)

In addition, IntelliDoseTxM provides a cancer staging feature based on the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8th Edition, as well as an oncology diagnosis profile enabling your practice to capture key oncology data points.

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