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Treatment protocols - helpful for patient outcomes and potentially faster reimbursement to your practice


As payers look to reduce healthcare costs, oncology treatments are often targeted for review. Payers are looking to protocols that are already vetted from an outcomes perspective – and those drug treatment protocols are updated consistently as new information becomes available. Many of those payers look to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines for consensus-driven treatment protocols.


Many providers subscribe to NCCN to obtain their protocols, yet updates come in the form of a PDF document that must be translated into a clinical plan within the practice’s own management systems – a manual procedure which takes time and resources. IntelliDoseTxM® has eliminated that “translation” step and made it easier for clinical staff as the protocols are digitized through an electronic connection (or API) to NCCN. This digitized approach means that updates are seamlessly integrated into the practice's system, saving valuable time and resources for clinical staff and also helping to ensure that patients are placed on the most up-to-date protocol - and users are notified of the updates, including anti-emetics and hydration sets.

The IntelliDoseTxM administrator and the practice providers can make determinations whether to offer some of the updates or changes. For example, a patient is midstream of an eight-cycle chemotherapy treatment protocol. The provider can decide if those changes will apply to that patient or if the previously accepted protocol is appropriate – leaving those clinical decisions to the person providing care, including decisions on supportive care recommendations. The option to choose also applies to using a biosimilar as a substitution, when appropriate.

In addition to NCCN protocols, providers can also select from an extensive library of protocols (developed with years of data from IntelliDoseTxM in practice) to create customized treatment plans which can be saved in a practice library.  By putting practices in full control of their patients' cancer treatment, this customization further enhances patient-centered care delivery.

Ultimately, if a practice utilizes the functionality of IntelliDoseTxM along with the protocols from NCCN, the practice could reduce denials and days in A/R, and help to facilitate reimbursement.

If you are interested in seeing how IntelliDoseTxM can benefit your practice and your patients, contact