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Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule


Complex Patient Bonus:  The complexities of the public health emergency under COVID doubled the points for the Complex Patient Bonus from five up to 10 points. This is being carried forward to the 2021 submission year. But starting in 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) limited the eligibility for the bonus points, so the bonus will be limited to clinicians who see more medically complex or dual-eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) patients. The maximum number of bonus points is increased to 10.

MIPS Value Pathways: CMS has started a gradual process evolving the traditional Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reimbursement program to the MIPS Value Pathways, connecting the performance categories and making activity selections specific to specialty, medical condition, or episode of care. The first set of MVPs available for reporting will be available in 2023, and clinicians who would like to participate must register between April 1 and Nov. 30, 2022. CMS’ goal is to move from limited performance feedback to a model promoting more meaningful feedback.

Upon registration, the MVP participant will be asked to identify their MVP, select a population health measurement from the two currently available, and if available within the quality component of the selected MVP, identify an outcome-based administrative claim measure to be calculated. Once the registration process is complete, no changes can be made after the November 30 deadline.

There are seven MVPs available for the 2023 performance year, including: rheumatology; stroke care and prevention; heart disease; chronic disease management; emergency medicine; lower extremity joint repair; and anesthesia. CMS hopes to collaborate with providers to develop the new MVPs that have limited connected and complementary activities and measures to help align scoring and connect data.

The MVP model is made up of two layers – a component layer which includes the connected performance measures under Quality, Improvement Activities, and Cost; and a foundational layer which includes Promoting Interoperability and a Population Health measure. Watch our webinar for more specifics on the MVPs.

The above information was taken from a webinar – Quality ReportingEngagement Group 2022 MIPS Final Rule, presented in December 2021.  For more information or answer to questions, contact the team of experts at