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Radiation Oncology Model: Where to Find Information


Practice administrators and providers should familiarize themselves with three specific areas on the Radiation Oncology website.
  • Radiation Oncology Administrative Portal (ROAP) – this is where the practice must identify their primary contact and legal contact. This site is where you can access and review your organizational data, see case mix and historical data, attest to using a CEHRT, attest to an individual practitioner list, and see the ROAP User Manual.. This is of utmost importance as practices will not be successful in the model unless the information is completed, using your RO Model ID and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Under this portal, you will see a place to download your case mix and historical volume, and there will be a place for you to opt-out if you meet the low volume requirements.
  • RO Model Secure Data Portal – this portal allows participants to access different types of files from CMS, including the beneficiary line-level data, episode-level data, and participant-level data. The portal is also used to submit your quality measures and clinical data elements. There is an additional User Manual specifically for this portal.
  • RO Connect – this site is a collaboration space for providers. You can send questions out to be answered by colleagues, and have access to shared documents, webinars, and recordings. RO Connect is similar to OCM Connect, and practices are encouraged to participate in both portals, as there is episode-specific information for the radiation component.

Practices are strongly encouraged to register for the webinars being held by CMS.

The InfoDive® team provided an extensive, high-level overview of the Radiation Oncology Model Final Rule in a webinar in mid-November. The team highlighted how InfoDive can provide actionable analytics to make informed decisions for your practice, including the creation of an RO episode for every patient with treatment planning or an RO model simulation. Click here to watch the webinar.  For questions or more information about how InfoDive can help your practice with actionable insights for decision-making, contact the team at