Advanced Analytics are Vital to an In Office Dispensing Program's Success


In an article published to Oncology Live’s website in November 2018, Barry Fortner, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and President of Specialty Physician Services at AmerisourceBergen wrote, “Medically integrated dispensing programs have emerged as crucial assets for community oncology practices as they work to stay viable in an ultracompetitive market.” 
ION Solutions’ Specialty Oncology Network (SON) pharmacy and dispensing program was developed to help community oncology practices capture additional revenue from filling oral oncology prescriptions. An in-office dispensing program also helps to provide a seamless treatment experience for the patient, as well as continued education on the importance of medication adherence and compliance.

The advanced analytics available through the SON make it easy for practices to measure performance and optimize patient care. One tool, Smart Rx Analyzer, provides a dynamic view of a practice’s dispenses so staff can quickly detect patterns and take steps to improve clinical operations and efficiencies.

With the ability to export dispensing data — and easy to interpret graphs and visuals — practices can determine high and low capture rates by prescriber and drug, evaluate margin changes with adjustable capture rate percentages and modify practice workflow to improve capture rates.

Data is refreshed daily, resulting in analytics that help practices quickly adapt to dispensing trends. A one-click DIR (direct and indirect remuneration) fee calculator applies estimated DIR fees to margins, making it easier to manage the bottom line. In addition, practices can manage their compliance to contracts and benchmark their dispensing metrics against other practices in the SON.

Smart Rx Analyzer uses a practice’s dispensary’s processing system’s data supplemented with acquisition costs from Oncology Supply drug purchases. The practice’s dispense data is combined with a list of oncology drugs from a third-party data intelligence source to calculate in-office capture rate.

Practices interested in learning more about how in-office dispensing and Smart Rx Analyzer can maximize their practice’s revenue and enhance patient care should contact