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Five years on, biosimilars need support from all health care players

Oncology Practice Management

Best Practices for Integrating Biosimilars into Your Oncology Practice


Biosimilars – Let’s Not Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

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5 Years of Biosimilars in the US: What Have We Learned?

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Education and Strategy are Key to Nurturing Biosimilars for Success


Practice Champions Can Ensure Successful Integration of Biosimilars into Oncology Care

Center for Biosimilars

FDA Approves Amgen's Infliximab Biosimilar, Avsola

Generics Bulletin

US Biosimilars Market: AmerisourceBergen Q&A


Infographic: Physician Perspectives on Biosimilars

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FDA Approves Pfizer's Adalimumab Biosimilar, Abrilada

US Food & Drug Administration

Prescribing Biosimilar and Interchangeable Products

The Center for Biosimilars

In Survey, Physicians Rank Their Own Confidence as the Primary Barrier to Biosimilar Adoption

The Center for Biosimilars

Podcast: Strategies for Biosimilar Developers in a Litigious US Landscape


Court Upholds Validity of Enbrel® (etanercept) Patents in Immunex v. Sandoz Suit

The Center for Biosimilars

Oncology Group Says it Has Begun Treating Patients with Biosimilar Trastuzumab and Bevacizumab


Federal Circuit Declines to Block Sales of Amgen's KANJINTI (trastuzumab-anns) Before Resolving Genentech's Appeal


Genentech Appeals District Court's Refusal to Block Amgen's Trastuzumab and Bevacizumab Biosimilars


Federal Circuit Affirms Coherus Victory Over Amgen in Pegfilgrastim Patent Dispute


Amgen Sues Tanvex to Block Proposed Filgrastim Biosimilar


Amgen Announces Availability of Two Biosimilars in US - Mvasi and Kanjinti


Genentech v. Hospira - Recap of July 11 Oral Argument


Biosimilar and Follow-on Biologic Development Updates

Seeking alpha

FDA OKs Amgen's Herceptin Biosimilar


Federal Circuit Affirms Sandoz's Victory Over Amgen in Filgrastim and Pegfilgrastim Biosimilar Patent Litigation


Samsung Bioepis Sued Regarding Its Recently-Approved Etanercept Biosimilar

The Center for Biosimilars

FDA Approves Samsung Bioepis' Etanercept Biosimilar, Eticovo

The Center for Biosimilars

PBM Says Its Biosimilars Strategy Led to 86% Use of Biosimilar Infliximab