Headshot of Neil Udovich, Vice President of National Field Sales for ION Solutions

Neil Udovich

Vice President, National Field Sales

Neil Udovich is the Vice President, National Field Sales for ION Solutions. Neil joined ION Solutions as a strategic account manager (SAM) covering the Central Region of the United States in 2011. More recently, he led the Western Region of the Sales Team. While in this role, Neil supported the six SAMs and used his love of data to build some of the tools that the SAMs use in the field today. 
Neil has 16 years of direct Oncology Practice experience beginning with mixing chemotherapy while in graduate school. While administrating he discovered his love for data, building custom solutions—including the practice's EMR. The organizational and economic efficiencies garnered from the resulting solutions would help him secure the Executive Director position, which he held from 2006 thru 2010.

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