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OnCall is a podcast series from ION Solutions where we will discuss the latest industry information relevant to our GPO member practices. We will share regular updates from our knowledgeable staff and partners, as well as your respected peers, on everything from precision medicine and biosimilar innovations to practice management solutions and the legislative landscape. Listen from your computer during breaks at the office or from your phone on the go - we make it easy to fit educational content into your schedule.

Featured episode

Sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb

Episode Description:
Explore efficacy and safety data supporting treatment options for the management of certain patients with 1L NSCLC.

Podcast Agenda:

[0:04 - 2:32]  Introduction
[3:24 - 5:15]  Warnings & Precautions
[5:17 - 15:26]  CheckMate-227 Clinical Trial Data
[15:27 - 26:35]  CheckMate-9LA Clinical Trial Data
[26:37 - 40:04]  Important Safety Information
[40:05 - 40:47]  Program Close

Prescribing Information:
See full prescribing information for Product 1
See full prescribing information for Product 2

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