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Consulting Services

Elevating clinic business performance and financial health

In the complex world of running a community specialty practice, you need both operational and financial expertise to succeed. From revenue cycle management, to workflow optimization, to expanding your team of providers—the journey to growing your practice starts with having expertise behind every decision.
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Meet the Business Optimization Consultants

Identifying a new approach to operations

Taking your practice to the next level starts with a multifaceted management strategy. Our consulting team carefully examines all angles of your practice to locate opportunities and make operational recommendations. Whether it's a need for a temporary practice administrator, optimizing your reimbursements through contract negotiation support or an analysis of day-to-day processes and procedures—the end result is actionable insights to increase efficiency throughout your practice. 

Our refined management optimization service delivers expertise in: 

  • Managed care contracting services
  • Risk management evaluation services
  • RCM/PM software implementation services
  • Patient scheduling services
  • Human resources evaluation services


Don’t let billing and coding errors impact your bottom line

Outdated processes lead to unpaid claims, which is money your practice needs to deliver quality patient care. Optimize your revenue cycle to maximize efficiencies and increase reimbursements. Our team of experts will work with your team remotely and securely to analyze denial trends, review accounts receivables, and assess systems and processes for those practices on G4 – all of which can drive efficiencies and automation within your practice. 

The team performed a comprehensive practice management evaluation of overall practice improvement, with an emphasis on workflow and technological management. In less than six months, we've fully transitioned from our paper-based chemotherapy coding system to a fully-automated enterprise billing system.



Preparing for USP  

It is crucial that throughout the care process, oncology practices prioritize safety for their staff and patients. That's why new regulations dealing with the proper handling of hazardous materials in the healthcare setting have been established to provide uniform guidance in order to protect patients and healthcare workers. But compliance may require significant capital expenditures and process changes for your practice—a significant burden on your staff and your revenue. You need a partner that understands the requirements, including nuances developed by each state. We can help by conducting an in-depth review of your USP <800> preparedness to reveal gaps. This review will also evaluate your adoption of the new standards and identify requirements for chemotherapy mixing areas and updates to staff protocols.
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Potential financial practice savings
in inventory savings
in increased revenue

Ensuring the future health of your practice

Some operational challenges are larger than the day-to-day clinical management and financial procedures. Fortunately, when it comes to significant organizational shifts and long-term strategies, IPN Solutions has that covered. 

Our Practice Growth Advisory services can provide your practice with all of the expert support it needs for successfully implementing new service lines to strengthen your practice's financial health.

These services include:

  • Planning for succession of leadership
  • Construction and renovation advisory services
  • Merger and acquisition evaluation services
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Start-up planning services (for new practices or practices adding a new service line)

Average potential improvement to practice KPI
avg Decreased Days in AR
avg Decreased Days to Payment 
avg Decreased Denial Rates

Meet demands with greater practice productivity

Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Program

Every specialty medical practice faces the challenge of managing demands. In order to help close the gap on those demands—like access to care, patient engagement and advance care planning—you may want to consider an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) model. IPN Solutions' clinical consulting team can help with the development, implementation and optimization of an APP program to help balance the needs for physician time while providing patient-centered care.

Using an ROI tool, our team can help prioritize which APP-led services you offer. From there, we can assist in facilitating guidelines for managing an ongoing APP program and assist in evaluating additional provider needs.

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Expertise for all challenges

Specialty practice leaders face greater demands than ever before. For those looking to grow their practice, the need to have specialized skills in multiple areas across the organization is even greater. ION Solutions' consulting services offers the business and clinical support that today's practices need to maximize their potential and take the next step in their growth. 
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