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Chemotherapy Management Solution

Improve safety, increase staff efficiency, and leverage existing technologies

Your oncology practice needs a robust solution that supports physicians, nursing, billing and administration. IntelliDoseTxM is a chemotherapy treatment management module that automates your oncology practice workflow while increasing patient safety and staff efficiency.

Key Functionality

  • Interfaces with your electronic health record (EHR) allowing key clinical data to flow from your EHR to IntelliDoseTxM, and passes encounter and treatment records back into your system.
  • Ensures your oncology practice achieves optimal efficiency and has accurate data to manage your patients’ chemotherapy treatments.
  • Features an orders module that allows for order writing based on a customized, practice-defined treatment plan library.
  • Utilizes the eNURSE module, a convenient point and click tool, to document care.
  • Automatically captures all charges for the chemotherapy encounter using the charge capture module.
IntelliDoseTxm Diagram


  • Treatment plan management
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)
  • Nurse charting
  • Charge capture

Automate your oncology practice workflow with IntelliDoseTxM:

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