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AdvanceIQ Network

Community-Based Research Network

Gain access to research opportunities

Identifying patients required for clinical trials and research is an ongoing challenge. While many oncology practices are interested in participation, they lack the visibility necessary for engagement. When your practice joins AdvanceIQ Network*, you will engage with other community-based, specialty practices to broaden your research expertise and increase patient access to clinical trials.

Key Benefits

  • Increased collaboration with other community-based practices that have similar research challenges and needs.
  • Improved access to research opportunities through our network of life sciences partners
  • Streamlined process of identifying, qualifying and enrolling patients
  • Increased opportunities for patient participation
  • Ongoing educational opportunities about evolving research methods
  • Innovative approaches to address the research challenges

About AdvanceIQ Network

AdvanceIQ Network removes the obstacles to access for practices by providing a centralized approach that is regulation compliant and technology enabled. Practices benefit from improved visibility into research opportunities through a verified network of life sciences companies, giving them a direct process for qualification and enrollment.

Drawn from relationships with more than 1,000 specialty practices, AdvanceIQ Network capabilities give you the trusted and qualified connections you need to streamline your efforts, adding speed and efficiency to the data-rich, competitive necessity of clinical research.

*AdvanceIQ provides access to clinical research studies and offers resources to support practices in the delivery of clinical research studies. In order for a practice to participate in the AdvanceIQ Network program, certain requirements must be met as outlined by the official agreement to participate, such as an established relationship with an AmerisourceBergen affiliate (e.g. ION Solutions or IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions) and appropriate research staff and operations. Practices do not pay to participate in the AdvanceIQ Network.

Join AdvanceIQ Network and connect your patients to cutting-edge care.

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Available Research Opportunities

  • Traditional, sponsored clinical trials
    • Clinical trials sponsored by one or more biopharmaceutical, medical device or precision medicine companies
    • Targeted studies focus on phase II and III studies and post-approval research after product launch
    • A patient-centric approach that aligns the right trial with the right participating members to ensure timely execution
  • Prospective outcomes studies
    • Observational/Non-interventional Studies: Evaluate the effectiveness and safety of interventions that are used in accordance with the standard practice in a realworld setting
    • Burden of Illness Studies: Measure the economic, patient and caregiver burden associated with a disease
    • Patient Registries: Collect uniform data to evaluate specified outcomes for a patient population defined by a particular disease or treatment
    • Pragmatic Studies: Evaluate the efficacy of interventions in a real-world setting
    • Time and Motion Studies: Collect time and resources associated with a specific treatment or patient population
  • Investigator-sponsored research
    • Disease-driven research panels composed of AdvanceIQ Network members who work together to identify specific research needs that furthers the evidence for treatment options to improve care management, differentiates the quality of care provided by community specialists and provides an opportunity to address timely issues that might not otherwise be addressed
    • Assistance with grant documentation, underlying solutions to conduct the study and publication of findings