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Smart Rx Processing

Fill more specialty prescriptions without the burden of administrative work

Not committing the proper resources to a practice’s dispensing program is the number one reason programs fail. If your practice is new to dispensing or underutilizes dispensing, SmartRx Processing can perform the administrative work, such as prior authorizations and benefits verification, so your dispensary staff can focus on filling prescriptions.

Key Functionality

  • Well-utilized dispensary staff
  • Increased prescription volume
  • Reduced dependence on specialty pharmacies
  • Improved continuity of care and patient convenience


By accessing your dispensary’s QS1 processing system and your electronic medical record (EMR),

Smart Rx Processing staff can:
  • Pull an e-prescribed prescription
  • Enter data and submit the claim
  • Perform the necessary prior authorizations
  • Source copay/assistance programs
  • Triage prescriptions to a specialty pharmacy, if necessary
Your dispensary staff only need to:
  • Print the prescription and paperwork
  • Order the appropriate medication
  • Dispense the medication to the patient
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