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Smart Rx Analyzer

Access insights for your medically integrated dispensing program

Smart Rx Analyzer provides specific insights into the performance of your medically integrated dispensing program, enabling you to quickly detect patterns and initiate action that can improve clinical operations and efficiencies. Specialty Oncology Network (SON) members have access to this innovative tool that gives you the information you need to manage the operational flow of dispensing, adapt to dispensing trends and enhance patient care.

Key Insights

  • Optimize the performance of your medically integrated dispensing program
  • Determine high and low capture rates by prescriber and drugs
  • Evaluate and modify practice workflow to improve capture rates
  • Evaluate realized sales and missed opportunities
  • Examine drug acquisition costs and expected payments by patients and payers
  • View drug sales and associated margins
  • Better understand prescription retention and growth (or loss)
  • Apply estimated DIR fees to margins
  • Manage compliance to contracts
  • Benchmark dispensing metrics against all other SON members
Improve your medically integrated dispensing program operations with Smart Rx Analyzer:
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  • Flexible experience for users of all levels
  • Secure web portal
  • Self-service analytics
  • Easy to interpret graphs and visuals
  • Ability to export dispensing data
  • Quick click to obtain DIR fee impact