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Specialty Oncology Network

Generate practice growth and increase convenience for your patients

The Specialty Oncology Network (SON) Pharmacy and Dispensing Program was developed to help practices capture additional revenue in oral oncology medications and supportive care products - revenue that you may be losing to retail and specialty pharmacies. With more than 2,000 physicians in more than 200 dispensing sites, SON is the largest and longest-tenured pharmacy program. Our team of pharmacists and nurses will work with your practice to determine and implement either a licensed pharmacy or physician dispensing program, regardless of size.

Medically Integrated Dispensing Options

Licensed Pharmacy
  • Generates revenue
  • Saves patients travel time while increasing compliance
  • Although this option depends on individual state regulations and requires a pharmacist on staff, ION Solutions can help you determine if your practice writes enough prescriptions to support an onsite retail pharmacy
Physician Dispensing
  • Physicians choose which medications to stock and dispense in the office, without an on-staff pharmacist
  • Subject to state regulations
Both options enable practices to:
  • Provide medications under the pharmacy benefit of a patient’s insurance
  • Forge new avenues for growth while creating a one-stop care environment
  • Increase provider visibility

Why consider medically integrated dispensing?

  • More than 35% of oncology drugs in the pipeline are oral
  • Increases patient convenience
  • Improves outcomes through better compliance and side effect management
  • Insurance companies are driving more items to the pharmacy benefit
  • Optimizes provider quality measurement under value-based care model

Capture lost revenue with SON's medically integrated dispensing program.

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The Future of Chemotherapy

Close to 40% of all new therapies are being formulated in oral dosing form

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