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Post-COVID-19 Assistance Services

Business Optimization Consulting

Stabilize your practice’s financial health post-pandemic

Though the impact of COVID-19 on your practice may seem daunting, we know the success of your oncology practice relies on resuming full operations as soon as possible. Now more than ever, practice leaders are faced with pressures to reach financial stability, implement new protocols and procedures, and continue to provide exceptional patient care. We understand these challenges you’re facing as healthcare shifts to a new normal during these unprecedented times. Our Business Optimization Consultants are here to support you every step of the way. Leveraging oncology practice management expertise, they will assess your practice’s overall business operations, develop an implementation plan and establish best practices to ensure your practice is not only financially stable, but prepared for the future.

Areas of Expertise

Revenue Cycle Management
  • Perform detailed analysis of systems and processes through interviewing key practice leaders and personnel
  • Determine business office processes by job shadowing front desk and billing personnel through both digital and in-person methodology
  • Analyze denial trends by payer, drug, CPT and diagnosis
  • Review accounts receivable reports by payer, practice and CPT
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and automation through practice management (PM) system functionality
Drug Inventory Optimization
  • Determine utilization of the Nucleus cabinet for best practice outcomes
  • Verify Nucleus’ interface saturation for seamless data flow and integration
  • Optimize use of Nucleus Reports to show days on inventory on hand, total costs and unused drugs in the last 60 days
  • Review purchases through Oncology Supply to ensure efficiencies in drug ordering process
  • Assess practice’s inventory levels and compare against best practices
Business and Clinical Operations Assessment
  • Analyze drug contracts for improved efficiencies in supply chain process
  • Determine HR and staffing requirements based on patient to nurse ratios and utilization of appropriately skilled personnel
  • Assess clinical operations by reviewing scheduling and observing patient flow through clinic
  • Review operational and clinical consistencies of practices at satellite sites

Our business optimization team is here to help your practice stabilize post-COVID-19.