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Advanced Practice Provider Programs are Essential to Ensure Access to Quality Cancer Care

Successfully managing clinical workloads and maximizing both the quality of care delivered and staff productivity are synonymous with your practice’s operational health. As the demand for oncology services increases, practices need to find a way to improve access to care, engage patients and offer services such as patient education and advance care planning. One of the most successful strategies is the addition of an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) program.

Integrating an APP program can have complexities that benefit from an outside view. ION Solutions’ Clinical Quality Consultants can help navigate those issues after a 360˚ practice assessment. The consultant provides an on-site assessment to either start or strengthen a current APP program and reviews the current roles within the practice to provide guidance on potentially implementing the program or finding other opportunities for improvement.

The consultant will use an ROI tool to guide decision making for implementing a program, as well as identifying those services which would best help the practice. Evaluating the need for additional provider-based services in the clinical workflow will also be discussed.

Following an APP 360˚ practice assessment, the practice can engage the consultant for implementation services that will provide support, resources and tools to aid in the onboarding and orientation of an APP, as well as develop, implement and/or optimize a standardized APP practice model. The focus will also be on revenue enhancing services such as patient education, same day visit schedules and survivorship.
“Given the increasing number of patients with and survivors of cancer, APPs are important to ensure access to quality cancer care now and in the future.1

If you are interested in learning more about how an APP program can help balance the demands for your physicians’ time while providing patient-centered care, our Clinical Quality Consulting team is available to help you. 

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