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In Office Dispensing – Without the Administrative Burden

As the healthcare reimbursement system evolves, oncology practices need increased control of their patients’ health–from adherence to symptom management–avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and ED visits. The capability to improve continuity of care and increase patient satisfaction will only help to maximize the patient’s experience.

Dispensing specialty oncology drugs with a significantly reduced administrative burden will allow a practice’s dispensary staff to work with the patients on adherence and the potential toxicities of treatment.

How can a practice reduce the administrative burden?

Initially, practices must be using a QS1 software platform for its dispensary, utilize e-prescribing and have a dispensary person on site. With those conditions in place, practices can consider Smart Rx Processing, a remote front-end processing service.

The service will handle the administrative tasks from prior authorizations to benefits verification, to sourcing co-pay cards and identifying patient assistance programs, managing the rejections by payers, as well as triaging the prescription and identifying the appropriate specialty pharmacy based on the patient’s insurance carrier.

With the reduced paperwork time spent with PBMs and payers, the practice’s dispensary staff can stay on top of the special needs of the oncology patient, working with them to get other healthcare providers involved in symptom management. The patient receives an added benefit of convenience and speed to therapy.

The practice remains close to the process and understands what medications the patient may have on hand. In addition, the Smart Rx Processing adds a revenue stream with specialty oncology drugs.

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