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Take Control of These Clinical Challenges in Your Practice

There are several clinical challenges which can influence your practice’s success. Taking control of those issues will allow you to better control costs. We have included a couple of challenges that we address during our consulting assessment.

Proper Patient Scheduling

Patient scheduling is the number one issue in clinical operations. The issues can be corrected, but it takes open communication and a concerted effort. Some of the causes include:

  • Lack of available slots. Your practice may need to create blocks for same day or new patient appointments to allow better access to care.
  • Inadequate communication between the clinical staff and administrative staff. Communication on scheduling processes is paramount for success to standardize your operations.
  • Physician templates that are too restrictive due to rounding requirements, not leaving enough time to complete dictations, etc. It requires a comprehensive plan to develop physician templates that work for both the physicians and ensure their schedule is open to provide vital patient care.
  • Scheduling staff who do not fully understand what is required per regimen or treatment.

Clinical Overstaffing

Overstaffing continues to be a costly problem. Practices often fail to abide by national metrics for nursing, laboratory, medical assistants and administrative staff. Inappropriate or inadequate use of PRN staff can increase overstaffing costs as well.

By looking at your practice’s operational flow and understanding the opportunity exists to create efficiencies and address inefficiencies, practices can optimize their scheduling and staffing ratios to best serve both the practice and the patients.

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