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Biosimilar Center

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Biosimilar News
Drug Status
Sandoz — Erelzi (Enbrel) Court upholds Enbrel patents and Sandoz is appealing
Mylan — Ogivri (Herceptin) Launched November 29, 2019
Teva/Celltrion — Herzuma (Herceptin)
Merck/Samsung Bioepis — Ontruzant (Herceptin)
All approved - most likely will launch in 1H2020
Pfizer — Trazimera (Herceptin)
Pfizer — Zirabev (Avastin)
Pfizer — Ruxience (Rituxan)
All approved - launching Zirabev on Dec 31, 2019; Ruxience in Jan 2020; and Trazimera on Feb 15, 2020
Teva — Truxima (Rituxan) Launched November 11, 2019
Tanvex — (Neupogen) Received CRL from FDA
Sandoz — Ziextenzo (Neulasta) Launched November 18, 2019
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Biosimilar Education Series
Biosimilar Market Overview
Sean McGowan, Aaron Denning, Brad Tallamy, and Kashyap Patel, MD
Biosimilar Market Overview
Rick Lozano, Aaron Denning, Stacie Heller, and Kashyap Patel, MD
The Integration of Biosimilars
Dawn Doggett, Aaron Denning, Rita Norton, and Kashyap Patel, MD